Spread Demos, not Covid.

Welcome to Under DeConstruction. A "it was worth trying" attempt to get one final real-life demo party done this year, scheduled to take place December 27th to 29th 2020 in beautiful Bingen am Rhein, Germany.


2020 IS SAVED!*

* Well no, not really

Watch the invitation demo

Check out our invitation demo by CN112.

Welcome to  Under DeConstruction 2020 

It's 2020, and real-life demo party events are dead. But are they? We aware nearly every party this year got cancelled, and it didn't look like we'd ever be able to meet again in the foreseeable future. 

We were planning to make the impossible reality: A safe indoor demo party during a pandemic. 

To make this a safe event, we had to invest tons of resources into a security concept. This involves contact tracing, disinfecting all equipment in a quarantine dock on arrival, getting all visitors tested for Covid-19 by an on-site doctor, a gigantic hall with massive air floor, sleeping in tents, and having strict rules on when and where to wear masks. This is a gigantic and costly undertaking, provided by a huge team of 20 experienced organizers.

However, it is not working out. Yes, we have everything in place needed for a pretty safe event, but there is zero chance that the lock-down is going to be lifted in time. And while the infection rate situation in our region is improving, it's still pretty bad in many regions of Europe, causing that many visitors (and even organizers) could not attend.

But we simply had to try. Because we love you. Because we miss you.

The UDC Organization Team - Imprint