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  Security Concept Overview 

Vaccinated/Cured only

You will have to provide official documentation of you being fully vaccinated or having been cured within the last 6 months. Certain exceptions are only made if proper Doctor's documentation is provided in beforehand.

testing on-site

We will be providing free antibody quick-tests on site. These are mandatory to be done once per day.

Should you be arriving from a high-risk scenario (for example air travel), please do  a PCR test at the airport.

Wear a button

Every visitor will receive one of our status buttons. A red button means that the person wearing it does not want to have close encounters (hugging) at all. A yellow one means you are asked to wear  a mask when approaching. A green one means anything goes.

Bring warm clothes

To reduce aerosols furthers, there will be heavy air ventilation, which we can not fully compensate with heating.


We are offering limited and registration-only sleeping space exclusively for those who can not afford sleeping in a hotel or car/caravan.

Arrive & leave healthy

Do not join if you are showing any symptoms - stay home and watch the stream instead.  Try to reduce risks before and while travelling.

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