* Dutch color scheme excluded

 Graphics Competition Rules 

  • Only one entry per artist and competition allowed
  • Every component used in the image has to be your own property, no unlicensed material allowed!
  • You will have to deliver 4 worksteps named step1.???, step2.??? and so on (??? stands for the file extension). If we find your worksteps unplausable, we may be forced to disqualify you. But rest assured that we will contact you in advance to give you the chance to prove us wrong
  • You have to deliver an unsigned version of your image! [a]
  • The entries will be shown fullscreen at two different daytimes to compensate for different light situations [b]
  • In case that we will have to apply preselection: disqualified entries will not be spread and will not be votable
  • You will have to provide a list of tools you used in creating your entry. This information will be shown on the bigscreen
  • Animations are not allowed
  • All contributions for the music, graphics and videocontent compos will be released under a Creative Commons Licence. Look here for more information!

Modern Tools

  • You can use every graphics tool you want, compositings and renderings are allowed
  • Plain photographs [c]  or complete scans are not allowed, the image has to be digitally altered in a way that suits into the context of a demoscene graphics competition
  • Maximum resolution is 1920x1080 pixels with max. 24bit colors
  • The entry has to be delivered as lossless file format such as .PNG, .BMP or .TIFF packed as .ZIP or .LZH together with the worksteps

Oldskool GFX

  • Any lossless format that can be viewed using the latest version of IrfanView (link) is allowed
  • Maximum resolution is 320x240 pixels with max. 256 colors
  • Please also deliver a PNG for the voting system or as a fall back
  • Entries for the C64 and similar machines have to be delivered as executable


  • Please specify the used tools for retouching.
  • In the case of major retouching and compositing, please consider entering the Freestyle Graphics competition instead. [d]
  • The maximum display resolution is 1920 × 1080, larger resolutions are accepted.

4k Executable

  • Generate the most impressive still image in a 4k executable
  • Image must be displayed in fullscreen
  • A screenshot of your still image has to be provided
  • Precalculation is restricted to 30 seconds on the compo machine
  • All platforms allowed
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Filesize limit: 4kb uncompressed
  • no loading animation supported

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