* Feature "freeze" to be expected


We have a vast, spacious main hall to enable social distancing and give you enough space to work on your releases.

Dedicated Dancefloor 

It's time to dance again. Enjoy live sets by the demoscenes' best DJs, plus scamp.

Party Network

There will be a high-quality party network in Belgian perfection combined with High-Speed Internet uplink

Tasty Food & Drinks

There will be fresh food and drinks in line with all Corona safety regulations.

Sleeping Hall

There will be a sleeping hall with limited capacity, for pre-registration only. This is for those who can not afford a hotel (or having a camper).


Bingen is extremely easy to reach by car and rail. Close to the location there is a huge supermarket.

The party location

The party location

The party takes place in Bingen am Rhein, Germany. The location is located in a suburb called "Grolsheim". The location is providing excellent facilities. These include a big mainhall, a dedicated dancefloor, and lots of sanitary options including clean and warm showers.

The main hall

The main hall

The main hall has plenty of space and direct access to the outside area. We'll lay out a fluffy carpet, like we did in the good old days of Breakpoint. The lousy bigscreen you are seing in this picture is NOT our bigscreen. We'll have a massive 25 square meters big screen (the one used at Underground Confernece) combined with a mighty projector.

The outdoor area

The outdoor area

The real party still is outside. Sit on the bonfire, enjoy a cigarette, and/or cuddle with your friends.

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