* Press play on tape

 Music Competition Rules 

  • Only one entry per composer and competition allowed
  • In case that we will have to apply preselection: disqualified entries will not be spread and will not be votable
  • Maximum allowed playing time is 4 minutes. Tunes that go beyond this limit will be faded out
  • The use of unlicensed material is not allowed
  • All contributions for the music, graphics and videocontent compos will be released under a Creative Commons Licence. Look here for more information!


  • The entry has to be delivered as .OGG or .MP3 file with at least 160kbit/s average bitrate
  • You will have to provide a list of tools you used in creating your entry. This information will be shown on the bigscreen.

Combined Tracked

  • For a special visual experience during compo we will show the pattern view of XMPlay during replay of the entries.
  • The filesize limit is 1.457.664 bytes UNcompressed
  • .MOD/.S3M/.XM/.IT : replayed with XMPlay (native support)
  • .MED/.NST/.STM : replayed with ModPlug Sound System Input Plugin for XMPlay
  • .TFM/.TFMX/.TFX : replayed with Winamp2 TFMX player v1.25 Plugin for XMPlay


  • A looped piece of music
  • Max. loop playing time: 7 seconds (that's 308700 samples at 44.1kHz)
  • WAV or FLAC file format only
  • Original loops (not used in a track before)
  • Will be played for about 60 seconds and then faded out
  • Must loop seamlessly in winamp or xmplay

Executable Music

  • This is a cross-platform competition. Please contact us before the party should you need non-standard plugs or hardware in order to record your entry properly.
  • Supported platforms in the newschool variant are anything with a CPU with 32 bit or wider data bus (PC, Mac, XBOX...).
  • A .WAV writer (AND instructions howto use it) is *REQUIRED*. If adding the .WAV-writer puts you over the filesize limit, you can provide 2 versions in the submitted archive: one with and one without writer.
  • The entry has to be delivered as executable program, in a format suitable for the target platform.
  • Maximum size of the executable: 32768 bytes. Noters, info files, and readmes don't count into this limit.
  • Screen contents will not be displayed.
  • The maximum allowed pre-calculation time (in case your player needs it) is 30 seconds.
  • Entries may not loop and have to end with silence.
  • You must deliver proof that your entry works on real hardware (i.e. bring the hardware with you and show the organizers).

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