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Register for  Under DeConstruction 2020 

For legal and organizational reasons, UDC officially will run as a company conference event. This makes it easier to comply to local regulations. It also means that we are able to provide you with a formal conference invitation letter of a commercial organization, which you can use to proof your legitimate interest to enter Germany and case this should be required.

However, this also means that the process for attending UDC is more complex than you might normally expect from a demo party. You first have to register here. We'll check your data, and then you'll receive an invitation letter. Afterwards you are able to log in here again to purchase your ticket. Until you have completed your ticket purchase, you will be able to cancel your registration free of charge.

To be clear: If you haven't completed this process, you will not be able to attend UDC, absolutely no exceptions. There are no ticket sales at the door.

So, please go ahead:

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